Aquarium Algae Eaters

Aquarium algae eaters are the best edition to a planted tank. They do keep algae at bay and are very interesting to watch. They play a big roll in the Eco system and will lead to a perfectly balanced nature aquarium.


Caridina multidentata (the new name)

Caridina japonica (new name Caridina multidentata) also known as Amano Shrimp and Yamato numa-ebi, is one of the best algae eater shrimps available these days. Except eating algae it consumes also dead plant detritus and cleans the left-over food. They are very busy eaters. Their size doesn't go over 5 cm (males are a bit smaller 3.5cm) which makes it suitable for smaller aquariums. Appetite for algae will decrease if commercial food is given on regular bases. It is good to keep this shrimp in groups of 3 and up. Note: If not given something to cling onto in side the bag (a plant branch), during the transport, Caridina japonica will suffer ectodermic shock. In planted tanks, one should be careful with dosing fertilisers. Low light tanks do not need as much as the high light tanks. All fertilisers contain a small amount of copper that is very dangerous for shrimps. To ensure that this element doesn't accumulate over time, it is essential to do weekly water change 30-50%. Aquarium water should be treated with dechlorinators, because chlorine and chloramine are dangerous for shrimps. Bigger fish and most Cichlid spp. will eat these shrimps, it is advised to house them with smaller placid fish species. To see Caridina japonica video click here. More info about Caridina japonica.