Aquarium Algae Eaters

Aquarium algae eaters are the best edition to a planted tank. They do keep algae at bay and are very interesting to watch. They play a big roll in the Eco system and will lead to a perfectly balanced nature aquarium.


Ancistrus - Bristlenose pleco

One of the most popular algae eaters, Ancistrus is widely available. It needs constant supply of green foods. It is good to feed it with blanched vegetables and sinking algae tablets. Live plants are not beneficial. Even though, in general, it will not harm plants, its been known that in case of insufficient green foods it will eat the Sword plant and probably other softer leaved plants. This fish is nocturnal and needs shelters and dark substrate to feel safe. It will grow up to 16 cm. Bristlenose is known to be peaceful and is compatible with many fish but the predatory ones. The water should be highly oxygenated with a moderate current.
Photo by Dusko Bojic