Aquarium Algae Eaters

Aquarium algae eaters are the best edition to a planted tank. They do keep algae at bay and are very interesting to watch. They play a big roll in the Eco system and will lead to a perfectly balanced nature aquarium.


Ramshorn snail

Planorbis corneus/rubrum
This snail is a good edition to planted tanks since it will not attack plants. It's been known though that in situations where no other food is available, it will munch on Hygrophila spp. This snail grows to 2cm. Ramshorn can be red or brown. Their main diet is based on algae that coats the plants, aquarium glass and decorations. They will also eat dead plant material, food leftovers and fish eggs. The bigger Columbian Ramshorn is a good idea for a non-planted tank overrun with algae but in planted tanks will feed on plants. All snails will do better in alkaline waters since their shells tend to dissolve in acidic waters that lack calcium. Snails will be eaten by most Loaches and Cichlids.

Photo by Dusko Bojic